Crypto-Companions battle screen. Squid-penguin-lizard totem facing off with a viper-owl-hippo totem.

Crypto-Companions Litepaper


Unique Gameplay and Battle Mechanics

Companions hail from all corners of the animal kingdom. Assemble a diverse team of companions, level up their skills, and battle against others in head-on brawls!

Battle Formations

Attack Moves

Provably Random Gameplay

Companion Attributes

Companion stats can be viewed in a screen that ties together information such as level, max health, biome of origin, attack move, name, and tier! A companion’s level and health (HP) can be increased by earning experience points in battles.

Roadmap (2021–2022)

  • Phase 1 - Claim/Airdrop (July 2021): Collect companions whose types and traits complement each other to built the most powerful totems.
  • Phase 2 - Battles (August 2021): Fight with opponents in ChainLink VRF-enabled, provably random PVP battles with strategic, turn-based gameplay.
  • Phase 3 - Maps (October 2021): Capture strategic locations across the map to expand your realm of domination.

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